Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the Garden

I have to admit that sometimes I wish Rob were not out in the garden quite as much and perhaps inside a bit more helping me even more than he already does with the mundane and never-ending chores of housecleaning and straightening (neither of which come very naturally to me). However, many a moment, especially during the early morning and evening, when the light is slanted, or when I want a little nibble of something perfectly fresh from the garden - a peapod, a raspberry, some kale for a smoothie or a quick sauté - I am so happy that he has invested his time out there. And when I see a bunch of kids wandering and picking and nibbling their way through the yard - oh, yeah, I really love that... Thanks, Rob!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Genetics or???

It turns out my son and my nephew have a lot in common besides (or perhaps because of) age - Max on the left turned 5 in May, Jasper on the right will be 5 in August.

Mothering side by side with my sister for a long weekend was heavenly. We easily settle into the same routines - outdoor play for all of us, lots of food prep and snacking, reading on the couch, walking/running after kids are in bed.

Teagan is delicious...

To cheer myself up after Em left, I got a grill and cooked up first-of-the-season zucchini on it. I've also grilled hotdogs, chicken and bread. The kids and I love the fire-starting aspect and Rob and I love the smokey flavor of the grilled food.
Our neighbor's rose bush always blooms on or near our wedding anniversary.

Monday, July 12, 2010

After Florida

Perhaps I'll post some more pictures from Florida, but I feel compelled to move on a bit. Immediately after our return from Florida, I got my cast off my arm and realized how far I still had to go in my recovery from a wrist fracture. After a few weeks of physical therapy, it is so much better. Then, Lucy broke her wrist! Sympathy break? Coincidence? Well, now we know even she is not invincible. She was doing, as Rob the compliance guy describes, "non-standard" behavior on a tall play structure, when she fell from about 10 feet up, directly on her left wrist. She gets out of her splint this Wednesday. Thank goodness the little ones heal so quickly.

Here are a few "day in the life" pics, followed by shots from a trip to Lake Cushman that we shared with friends, the Careys. Lucy and Sophia, Jasper and Sophia's brother Owen, played peacefully and non-stop for four days straight. Last year's trip to Cushman was with Grandmama and Granddaddy and was particularly memorable for the amazingly warm weather and beautiful clear days. This trip was just as lovely, but quite different, with cloudy cool days and four children running around. It cleared up enough for a lovely firework show which we watched from the dock, Rob and I pausing to toast our 14th (!) wedding anniversary.