Thursday, February 25, 2010

Since it's springtime in Seattle...

Sunshine makes a difference.

Bare earth under her feet suits her.
So do precarious perches.

A bird of prey.

Looking for a little snack...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It seems that when the children really need to rest, they often get sick and are forced to do exactly that. Jasper got sick a week ago, at the beginning of a busy week for Lucy and me, and then just at the end of her busy week, Lucy got the cold. Today they seem to have enough energy for a bite-sized adventure - a short neighborhood bike ride and a walk in the secret garden, I think. Then come home and paint before dinner, bath and bed... Dinner is (I'm deciding right this minute)... beans, rice, guacamole, red pepper and carrot sticks, and sauteed kale. Maybe some lemon tahini for dipping the veggies in. Hot sauce for me and Lucy... Then Coconut Bliss ice cream. Then chamomile tea. And at some point, I hope to be on the couch with a novel, a New Yorker or perhaps a cookbook...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mothering A Boy

I have yet to read the myriad of books written about men and boys, living with them or raising them, even though I do find myself baffled and at a loss about the best approach to some of Jasper's decidedly boyish behaviors. And I own at least 3 unread books on the topic. Jasper can be aggressive, hitting or throwing things at people, he is extremely afraid of the classic evil characters in children's stories - wicked fairies, trolls, and wolves come to mind - and sweetly and spontaneously affectionate with me and others he loves. All three of these qualities are more prevalent among the boys I know than the girls. Instead of feeling fired up to read about it and learn to deal with these qualities in an educated way, I am finding myself getting comfortable with the bafflement and the feeling of not knowing what to do. I even find myself enjoying Jasper's extreme reactions - not in a sadistic way, but with curiosity because they are so unlike my experiences with Lucy or what I remember about my own childhood. It helps that at the end of the day, the sweetness almost always prevails.