Monday, August 23, 2010

A Boy Turns 5

Once in your life, you wake up in the morning and, just like that, you're 5. Sometimes on the eve of that day, you are playing badminton in your pajama pants, fireman hat on your head and a fireman's badge on your collar.

And on the morning of the actual birthday:

Sunburnt, the newly five guy falls asleep with his possums, a snake and a white mouse for company, in his new dino camo pajamas.

Being 5 is not always easy and it isn't always pretty, but someone has to do it... And I'm so glad to be along for the ride...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Visiting the Farm... Again...

Each time we visit the farm, we sink in deeper, or it sinks deeper into us. The farmers, Megan and Keith, and the place have settled firmly in our hearts, familiar and cozy from the moment we turn onto the bridge and crunch up the driveway, this time seeing Keith and Megan waiting for us in the shade with cocktails. The lines of the buildings, of the mountain and sky stood out more for me this time, the colors soft and surprising, Megan's cheeses, the chicken and dumplings she made, cucumbers and chard and potatoes and garlic from the garden, pancakes with freshly made goat ricotta, and the coke float with goat ice cream tasted divine, verging on just too good. The critters each bursting with their own curious personality, eating, observing, scurrying, or anticipating. The air stayed reasonably cool, the sun just peeking from behind clouds now and again, shimmering but not burning us - just hit the sweet spot and stayed there, the day ending with a sprinkle of rain. The second day the sun asserted itself more, but we enjoyed heating up. Thanks, as always, for sharing your lives with us, K & M.