Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beat the Heat in Port Townsend

For those troubled by the Seattle heat, head to Port Townsend. A ferry ride at sunset is a good way to start your journey... doesn't hurt if a jazz festival is going on and your mom buys you tickets and watches the kids... Benny Green was amazing... So was the walk on the beach afterwards. Being waited on hand and foot by Grandma Gloria and Pop Pop helped. Multiple trips to Elevated Ice Cream Co. were in order. The berry pickin' was icing on the cake. I'll stop now, but it was very sweet. Thank you, Gma and Pop Pop...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swept Away By Summer

Rob appears to be working up to building a chicken coop and raising our own chickens. He's after free fertilizer, free eggs and critters for the kids to hang out with. One clue I have had that this is so is that while I was taking the weekend off last weekend, Rob and kids went on a chicken coop tour. I was blissfully esconced in a U. district hotel with Melanie, attending a Pema Chodron workshop and generally enjoying myself while being immersed in Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practices. Much has ensued since in many areas of our lives. Soon enough there will be more pictures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

On the Farm, Again

We are very grateful that Farmers Keith and Megan are still willing to host us so graciously at their farm, let us impose our kid chaos on their routines, wine and dine us, and allow us to pick what turned out to be quite a few cherries (Rob just can't stop pickin' and pittin')... My goodness, we are lucky ducks... The trip was too short and did wear me out. I really sleep best at home, I hate to admit it... I think it is one of those things that becomes accentuated by being over 40. But the lost sleep was still worth it to share the beauty of the plants, the river, the moonrise, the mountains, the bales of hay, the critters and much more, all with our dear friends. It is a miracle we drove away without a kitten, really a miracle... The kids and I especially were absolutely in love.