Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Moments

I hardly want to add any words to these pictures. I love them. The week was bittersweet, but these pictures were the sweet. On the bitter side, two pet friends died this week: Spaetzel from The Farm and other friends' cat, Thunder, Rob broke his pinky when he couldn't clip out of his bike fast enough (forgot he had his new clips, I think) and Jasper and I are a bit droopy with runny noses. Who knew that a broken pinky would require a cast up to the mid-forearm?Hmmm... As always, we remain dedicated to keeping it real around here...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Freakingly Cute

Lucy performed two evenings in a row last week in the world premiere stage production of Close Encounters of the Hilarious Kind. The play was written by an extremely creative and clever homeschooling mom, who used as a starting point a list of characters chosen by the children. Each child in class got to choose and develop their own character, so the play included a Jedi knight, the captain of the Titanic, an alien, a unicorn, etc. (Some characters are not pictured above.) I was a little dubious of this approach at first, but I must say I came out of it all a fan and a believer. And this production was not only the work of talented adults and adorable children, but also a beautiful display of community, commitment, and just plain old fun. I loved watching from the sidelines as the production came together... and the performances themselves... funny, adorable, truly a pleasure to watch. I mean it! Lucy is standing on the far right in the picture above, Ruby the forest fairy.

In other news, Jasper is becoming more adept on his scooter by the day. Although on the very steep curvy walls at the skate park (I'm sure there is a name for those - anyone?), he jumps off the scooter and goes down on his bum. Also, is anyone out there into throwing balls, catching balls or batting balls, because Jasper would really like to hang out with you. Lucy and I, when we finally agree to bat, throw, and catch with him, just can't match his enthusiasm (or skill) and it is kinda sad.... He slept with his new baseball mitt last night...