Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lucy's Endeavor

Lucy's piano teacher, Rachel Matthews, is fundraising to create a CD with her students about piano study and the place of it in her students lives.  The CD will include music and commentary by all of her students choosing to participate.  It will be recorded at Jack Straw Productions, so will give the students a great real-world recording experience.  Lucy is excited to play a favorite piece of hers on the CD as well as one of her original compositions.  You can see a beautiful video describing the project, and a lovely shot of Lucy at the end of it HERE.  Rachel is an amazing musician herself, both as a performer and a composer, and a truly gifted teacher - just the right combination of so many elements.  We are so lucky to have found such a perfect teacher for Lucy, and our whole family is inspired by Rachel's presence in our lives.

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Megan said...

How cool is this April!

We miss you guys, got to find a time to call and catch up.